Claud - Wish You Were Gay

Starring: Claud Mintz, Henry Lyons, Shannon Hafez

Director/Producer/Editor: Christina Xing

Director of Photography/Colorist: Shane Bagwell

1st Assistant Camera: Ariano Trevino Angelone

Gaffer: John Chigas

Production Designer: Amelia Yessayantz

1st Assistant Director: Carl Hansen

Production Assistant/Behind the Scenes: Miya Omori

Production Assistant: SunHee Seo

Swing: Luke Leidelmeyer

Location Owner: Theo Buckwald

Party People: Natalie Lee, Katie Cortez, Cacia LaCount, Niko Rubio, SunHee Seo, Randy Garcia, Theo Buckwald, Lauren Bender, Carl Hansen, Miya Omori